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What some of our clients are saying......

Ideal Protein is the best program I've found in a long time!! It's not only safe and supervised.. It's EFFECTIVE!! The entire program makes complete sense and I love it!  My consultant at Montana Wellness Center is amazing and a great support!!

Ideal Protein and the 3 E's
Easy - (The program and products are easy for home & travel.)
Enjoyable- (Ideal Protein tastes great with multiple flavors for variety.)
Effective - (Weight loss is fast, reasonable and safe ~ 15 pounds in 8 weeks for me.)

I started the Ideal Protein program February 18, 2010.  The first two weeks on the program I had such a "high" feeling.  I felt so good even tough I was limited on what I could eat compared to what I had been eating.  I had a very positive attitude & I felt really good!  My body had gotten rid of the carbs and replaced it with protein.  Before I started this program I had no strength in my right arm.  I did not have the strength to open twist top jars.  After a week on the program my arm stopped hurting and I had my strength back again.  Please talk about the cost of the program, that it costs way too much money.  My husband pointed out that I actually saved money on the program.  My family stays home and I cook healthy meals instead of going out to eat all the time.  All in all, I am very pleased with the Ideal Protein Protocol.

What started as a dietary change lead to healthier habits then transformed into a more rich and fulfilling lifestyle. The weekly coaching has turned me into a better cook and more educated consumer, I feel confident that I have the tools to maintain a healthy balanced diet forever. 

I believe this program saved my life. With the weight I had packed on through the years, my health was at great risk. Ideal Protein is a program that is easy to follow and very healthy. With knowledgeable and caring staff, this also complements the Ideal Protein program and makes it successful. Ideal Protein is by far the best program I have found that takes the pounds off and teaches you to keep them off for life. I would recommend Ideal Protein to anyone wanting to lose weight. It works!! God Bless Ideal Protein.